this is the police. open up. tell me something about yourself, don’t be afraid

"If a poem hasn’t ripped apart your soul; you haven’t experienced poetry."
— Edgar Allan Poe  (via rhymez)

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Funny how someone who used to be everything to you now is nothing but a weak bitch who blamed you for her problems.




who the fuck names their kid pepper

someone who wants to add spice to their life


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sext: take my glasses and put them down in a safe place before we start making out




can we just collectively agree as a generation that we aren’t going to care if each other’s houses are clean when we visit bc im gettin real sick of the “the house has to be spotless or our guests will judge us” deal my parents got goin on

none of us in this generation is going to be able to afford a house.

Welcome to the house i share with 30 people.  My 4x4 foot square of space has been vacuumed for your visit.

  • me: *gets out of day old pajamas*
  • me: *takes a shower*
  • me: *gets into clean pajamas*
  • me: summertime